Projector Pro L1200U

SKU: V11H734020

7,000 lumens color and 7,000 lumens white

wuxga resolution

4K enhancement technology

10 motorized lenses available

360° horizontal and vertical projection flexibility

Brightness adjustment

Image Auto Calibration

High connectivity

Delivery from 3 to 5 business days

$23,205,000 Normal price $26,537,000 SED Registrate Contact product manager

Designed for the rental and assembly segment. Perfect for auditoriums, hotels, meeting rooms, museums, among other applications. Laser light-emitting source, inorganic 3LCD panel technology, and a sealed optical block provide exceptional image quality and up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. 10 motorized lens options for easy integration into new or existing applications. Advanced 4k enhancement technology, image self-calibration and brightness adjustment make it the best professional projector solution in its segment. Do you want us to contact you? Laser projector with 7,000 lumens in color and 7,000 lumens in white, wuxga resolution, reliable performance: 3-chip 3LCD technology 4K video signals: The revolutionary technology, can process 4K input signal, thus allowing you the best experience in detail at the users. This capability also allows the output 1080p signal to exceed full HD quality, without pixelation or freeze frame errors. From the smallest text to the smallest feature in architecture, you will be able to see every detail amazingly clearly. Flexible 360 ​​installation: Take advantage of any surface in the room. The pro l family video projectors can rotate 360 ​​degrees in any direction both horizontally and vertically, providing great positioning flexibility. You can project from an overhead mount, suspended in the air, on the floor, or as part of a rear projection system without worrying about overheating or affecting performance. Flexible installation in portrait mode: Install your projector in "Portrait" mode and display advertising content, images, or video in windows. Product available for home delivery from 3 to 5 business days, for more information see our delivery policy. Aquí 

3 years. For more information in case you need to process a guarantee, Here you can consult the Guarantee Policy according to the product brand | Return Policy Here | Delivery Policy Here

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